09. Summer Concert, May 2007

On May 27th 2007, The Amsterdam Synagogue Choir organised a successful concert in the former Uylenburger Synagogue.

Next to The Amsterdam Synagogue Choir the Women choir "Sjiera" was given an opportunity to present the audience their interpretations of traditional music and new compositions.

Together with the Women choir "Sjiera" the recital under direction of Ilia Belianko was concluded with Psalm 146 ( Halleluyah ) of Salamone Rossi.



Gut Woch - Traditional / Arr. I. Belianko (solo Casper Filarski)

Shir Hamangalous - Rosenblatt / Arr. I. Belianko

Omar Rabbi Elngazor - S. Alman (solo Yoed Sorek )

Uv'nuchou Youmar - L. Lewandowski (solo Yoed Sorek )

Hallaluyoh - L. Lewandowski / Arr. I. Belianko

Zocharti Loch - L. Lewandowski ( solo Gilad Nezer )

Hayoum Haras Ngoulom - L. Lewandowski / Arr. I. Belianko

Houdu - Groningen (the Netherlands) - Traditional / Arr. I. Belianko

Moh Ashiv - L. Lewandowski ( solo Casper Filarski )

Min Hameitsar -L. Lewandowski / Arr. A. Krelage & "Mei'eis" Lechanukoh - G.F. Handel / Arr. I. Belianko (solo Yoed Sorek )


Bendigamos - Traditional / Arr. I. Belianko

Siem Sjalom - Nadel / Arr. I. Belianko

Adon Olam - Spiro


ASK & Sjiera

Halleluyah - S. Rossi