12. Links

Chazzanut Online
Comprehensive website on synagogue music.

Synagogue Music Choirs

London Jewish Male Choir
The Zemel Choir
The Neimah Singers
The London Cantorial Singers
The Shabbaton Choir
Central Synagogue Choir
Continental Europe
The Amsterdam Synagogue Choir
Synagogenchor Z├╝rich
Synagogenchor Basel
Anim Zemirot Choir, Rechovot
The Jerusalem Cantors Choir
United States
Zamir Chorale of Boston
Kol Tefilah, Boston
South Africa
Schoonder Street Shul Choir, Cape Town
The Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir

Visitting Amsterdam / Holland

Holland Hotel Specials
For booking your hotel accommodation in Amsterdam
and the rest of Holland.
Jewish Community of Amsterdam
All the information you will need on kashrut
and religious facilities in Amsterdam.
Union of Dutch Jewish Communities
The Dutch Shabbat times, and information
on facilities in and outside of Amsterdam.