04. Recordings

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ensch dec 2008 CD: Live recordings of 3 concerts                      Weesp, Enschede and Amsterdam 2008/2009
1. Mah Touwoe (Lewandowski) (solo M. Smith)
2. Baroeg Habba (trad. Portuguees) (solo M. Smith)
3. Baroeg Habbo (Berlijn)
4. Sjewang Brochous (Katz) (solo M. Smith)
5. Im Esjkacheech (trad. arr. I. Belianko) [Listen]
6. Sjier Hamangalous (Japhet) (solo M. Smith)
7. Sjier Hama'alot (Rossi) (solo M. Smith, H. Vachlis, G. Nezer) [Listen]
8. Tsaddiek Kattomor (Lewandowski) (solo C. Filarski, M. de Haas, G. Nezer)
9. Jigdal (Potpourri Groningen) (solo I. Micu)
10. Kedoesjas Sjacharies (Schlesinger) (solo I. Micu, C. Filarski, G. Nezer)
11. Oewenoechou Joumar (Lewandowski) (solo C. Filarski) [Listen]
12. Ein Keilouheinoe - (solo: G. Nezer)
13. Lou Omoes (Lewandowski/Handel) (solo C. Filarski)
14. Sjier Hamangalous (Rosenblatt)
15. Tal Tein (Schlesinger) (solo G. Nezer) [Listen]
16. Enosj (Lewandowski)
17. Se'oe Sjengoriem (Mombach)
18. Oen'sanneh Toukef (Lewandowski) - (solo: I. Micu ) [Listen]
19. Hallaloejoh (Lewandowski)

Previous Recordings:

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CD: Summer Concert May 2007
Live at the former Uylenburg Synagogue, Amsterdam

CD: ASK 20th Anniversary Concert
Live at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

CD: Blessed By The Choirs of Thy People
2nd small edition on request